Two Major Geezer Peeves

Take note, whippersnappers!

1.  It’s annoying to elderly folks when they’re telling someone a story from their lives, and how a certain historical event was the backdrop, and the person they’re talking to immediately is searching the net on their phone to determine if the dates line up.  Further, the instant lay-librarian is not too shy to tell old Aunt Marge “That didn’t happen to you that year!”  So, not only does the story get derailed and geezers are dehumanized that much more, but it’s also evident this new generation of faux historians has no interest in talking to actual human beings.  I extrapolate this phenomenon to the point where I picture a bunch of old folks on a porch, lined up in rockers with iPhones, arguing over dates important stuff happened in their lives.  “You did not have your hysterectomy the year JFK was killed.  I remember you told me you were so depressed, you got knocked up right after it happened.”

2.  It seems like there are more and more TV commercials that are intentionally made to seem similar to the program being broadcast.  So, old folks sometimes get confused and wonder who these new characters are that suddenly showed up.  And then they’re gone just as suddenly as they arrived.  But no matter:  between the dementia, delirium and the apathetic relatives, old folks are used to people dropping in and out of their lives quickly anyway.